Volunteers of America – Services for Families and Parents

Volunteers of America

Avery Dennison Foundation president Alicia Procello Maddox oversees grantmaking opportunities and morale-boosting programs at the California-based company. Outside of her work there, Alicia Procello Maddox is active in board service with organizations including Volunteers of America.

Volunteers of America is a national human services organization dedicated to helping people of all walks of life who find themselves in vulnerable positions. Its many programs help veterans, people experiencing homelessness or substance abuse, and families in need from all backgrounds.

Volunteers of America offers a variety of services for families, all of which focus on stability and self-empowerment. In addition to temporary and permanent housing assistance, it provides an array of health and educational resources. Families members can get help with basic literacy, English as a second language learning, or college admissions. They also have access to parenting and general life-skills classes through Volunteers of America.

To learn more about the opportunities available to families and children, visit: voa.org.


PHA’s Complete Parks Initiative

Public Health Advocates pic
Public Health Advocates
Image: phadvocates.org

Since 2009, Alicia Procello Maddox has been serving as president of the Avery Dennison Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the California-based Fortune 500 company Avery Dennison. An alumna of the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Alicia Procello Maddox continues to be a presence in the public health sphere and currently serves as a member of the nonprofit organization Public Health Advocates (PHA).

Headquartered in Davis, California, PHA operates under the belief that everyone has the right to be healthy. With this in mind, the organization has made it its main mission to promote health and eliminate health disparities by helping transform neighborhoods into places that foster the well-being of its residents.

To further this goal, PHA has a program called “Healthy Places” – an umbrella of initiatives that aim to tackle specific health problems in the community. Among these is the Complete Parks Initiative, which was launched under the auspices of the Healthy Eating Active Living Cities Campaign, where PHA works with neighborhood leaders and residents to create open spaces and parks at community centers. This initiative recognizes the vital role of parks not only as places of recreation but also as core economic assets in the creation of healthy communities.